Sameboat Small Form Factor

The sameboat commons app is a foundational free app that provides ...

  1. a common small form factor client for all my products and services
  2. common messaging/notification, like SMS but works in domain space, i.e. in the .dom alt root.
  3. second factor, either via above messaging or QR code for authentication.
  4. in-app vending of the entitlements .
  5. mobile versions of the desktop AC and Tele UIs.
  6. Wear/Watch OS extensions

The commons app is a base upon which others load in a modular fashion, eg. the tl:dr[x] so that only a single install is required for a given factor, i.e. phone. tablet, or (paired) watch.

Dev builds are linked below if you are logged in. You just need to give the apk permission to install but additional info provided in your profile is required for the ipa. Any wearable extensions will load from the phone app.

Content suppressed in the wild.

Latest binaries for GT2 2.0.n as described @ github

Android Expo ios Expo
GT2 2.1 and later use the common mechanism above.