Story of Sameboat1

sameboat   (public suffix .live²) , the top level domain for C六, its app server,
verticals, Actually Known Person³ groups, and common domain content management system.

communal network paas proving domains


Each contains a common baseline of the central feature triple (commerce, local directory, and matching) but the node may serve another main enterprise on the common basis as in the depicted verticals. End users can migrate/curate their own content thru the network and some automation is provided for same.

Commons Channels

Various groups are hosted in the commons instance. Messaging services supported by our mod of libpurple serves group chat with users and access to the system agents from any IRC client or the AC SPA. These have domains of the form <groupname>.sameboat.<sfx> e.g. supports prolog users served by this cluster. Consumption of cloud resources is allocated according to AKPERSON capitation class with no quotas for premium, first class capitation. All of the major feature sets of the SAMBAR SKUs are first deployed for workout here.4

Portable Groups

Group support and facilitation are the central concept of the sameboat domain, other kinds also share the commons node. Other sameboat application concepts are depicted in the vertical apps link above.

Ipet-isut: Seti at Kadesh c. 1422 黄帝紀年

Open books with a transparent DS Chart of Accounts (COA) and commerce infrastructure based on community (mutual credit) accounting, django-oscar, and SQL-Ledger uniformly available. Working class or higher users may have their own COAs.

¹ Ubiquitous lang for the DCMS domain, sameboat.
² thru November, 2023, a new suffix will be announced here a year before that.
³ AKPERSON, a human user, with variable entitlement levels, tx-authenticated by a fee vended in-app.
4 Bitlbee is the current server. The 3 DCP system agents only run in it (or the AC SPA) but are registered at libera and freenode IRC networks and may be enabled there later. Access foreign IRC networks and bitlbee with the same irc client.